Roasted Soybeans

Roasted Soybeans

Roasted Soybeans is a delicious savoury snack. High in soy protein and fibre; with less than 130 calories, you can now have a savoury healthy treat on the go.

Key Benefits

• High in soy protein to help you feel fuller for longer. The inclusion of at least 25 grams of soy protein a day as part of a diet low in saturated fat can help you maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels

• A combination of soy protein and carbohydrates for sustained energy release

• Herbalife’s Roasted Soybeans are high in fibre, with 5.3g per pack, to help maintain a healthy digestive system

• Only 129 calories per pack

• Crunchy texture so you get the satisfaction from chewing your food

• Dry roasted without added oil

• Packed in single serving sachets for convenience and to maintain freshness


Just because you’re watching your weight, doesn’t mean you can’t snack. Healthy snack alternatives provide you with good nutrients while still tasting good. Eating healthy snacks, such as Roasted Soybeans, provide a feeling of fullness and give lasting energy without the guilt of indulging in too many calories.


Enjoy one or two packets of nutritious roasted soybeans as a daily snack.


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